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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is biathlon safe?
The focus of biathlon does not promote violence or aggression. Rather, the skiing component promotes physical fitness, while the shooting component cultivates focus and mental acuity. The sport, due to its use of firearms, is subject to the strictest rules - all in the name of safety and fun. In fact, the sport is so safe that individuals across the world, as young as 5, are able to participate - all with significantly less injuries than most other sports.

Is biathlon just for professional athletes?
While biathlon is an olympic sport, it is not just for elite athletes. In fact, individuals across the world, of varying fitness levels, enjoy the physical and mental benefits of the sport. At our Club, we actively promote the excitement and the fitness benefits of the sport, and welcome all who wish to give it a shot!

Biathlon provides just as many opportunities to focus on your own personal fitness goals as it does comparing your fitness to others. If you are looking to get fit, this is your sport! If you are looking for a competitive venue to challenge your limits, look no further!

Is it hard to train for biathlon?
While biathlon is traditionally a winter sport, one can train for this sport through the whole year. By partaking in other sports, such as running, cycling, and hiking, you are also contributing to your success in biathlon. Our club focuses on the shooting component of the sport. If you wish to hone your skiing skills, please contact the Strathcona Nordic Ski Club.

In order to hone your marksmanship abilities, you will need to contact your local rifle range.

Winter just isn't my thing. Can I still participate?
As mentioned, biathlon is traditionally a winter sport. However, due to its immense popularity across the world, variations of summer biathlon have been developed. Summer biathlon involves the combination of either roller skiing, mountain biking, or running, alongside marksmanship.

If winter just isn’t your thing, fear not! You can still participate in this exciting sport.

Sounds great! How do I get started?
If you are already loading your skis into your car as you read this website, we don’t blame you! Biathlon is so exciting that you will probably feel the urge to participate, regardless of the season. But hold on! Sign up for a membership at our club, and let us know what your goals are. Remember, if you have any questions, we want to hear them, so drop us a line.